Packed Lunches

Packed lunch

Whether you are at school or college, or in a full or part-time job, you will need to fuel up during the day. There may be a canteen or cafe nearby.  But making your own packed lunch offers lots of advantages:

You’re more in control of what you eat, especially if you don’t like what’s normally on the menu or it’s too tempting to eat the wrong balance of foods.

In summer you can choose to eat your packed lunch outside in the sunshine.

A packed lunch offers you flexibility especially if there are lunchtime activities you want to go to.  So there's no more standing in endless queues waiting to get served, leaving more of your lunch break to do other things.

Getting Started

  • Think about the set up at school, college or work:  For most, packed lunches are a cold meal but if you have started work you might have access to a kitchen, kettle, microwave or toaster.
  • In winter you can always take hot soup in a flask.
  • Think about how you are going to transport your packed lunch and invest in a good insulated carrier.  A small re-freezable ice pack is a good idea to keep your food cool in summer.

What To Put In Your Packed Lunch?

Try to base your packed lunch on the Eatwell Guide by trying to include foods from the four main food groups:

Remember to pack a drink.

Suitable drinks include water, fruit smoothies, sugar-free squash or fruit juice.


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