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Eating three balanced meals each day is the best way of ensuring you get everything you need from your diet. But don’t forget snacks also have a valuable part to play in seeing you through the day.

As a rule of thumb try to split your energy intake up evenly throughout the day. So breakfast should provide about 20% of your energy needs, lunch and your evening meal about 30% each. That leaves about 20% for planned snacks such as fruit, nuts, and cereals bars. 

A typical girl aged 15-18 years needs about 2100 calories a day. This works out at approximately 420 for breakfast, 630 for lunch and 630 for her evening meal, leaving just 420 for extra snacks and drinks between meals. Remember this is just a guide to help you and not a hard and fast rule.

You can find out more about your energy needs by checking out your guideline daily amounts in our Food Labels page.

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