Smart Food Choices


When it comes to food, one thing's for sure, there’s never been so much choice.  So if you’re finding it hard figuring out what’s what - but want to make some good choices - then this section could be for you.


Burger and chips

Fast Food Do you need to give it up or is there a better way?


Healthy Snacking Check out our guide to guilt free snacking.


Drinks Find out how to tell if you are dehydrated. Get the low down on alcohol.

Plate of food

School Food Fed up with the school canteen? Check out what you could do.

Packed lunch

Packed Lunches Can’t cope with canteen lunches?  Get the low down on why you should pack your own.

Vegetarian meal

Vegetarian Want to go vegetarian?  Make sure you know how to go about it before you begin.

Food label

Food Labels Confused when you look at food labels.  You’re not alone.  Get the low down.


Starting Out On Your Own In charge of your own food budget for the first time? Get our advice.  What’s quick, cheap and easy?


Eating Out Top tips on how to choose wisely whilst eating out with your mates.

Fried egg

Daily Meals Find out why you need three good meals a day.


Get some great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!



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