Safe Weight Loss

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For most teenagers actively losing weight isn’t needed. Why? Because just keeping your weight the same as you grow should be enough to even things up over a longer period of time.

Just by being more active, eating healthy meals and limiting snacking you’ll improve your fitness and help tone up muscle. And what’s more this should help you feel better overall and achieve a better body shape.

Get Help From A Dietitian Or Other Health Professional

Before you start, it’s important that you get some help with a plan for any weight you need to lose. Ask an adult or your family doctor about seeing a dietitian for more support. A dietitian will spend some time getting to know you, and with your help, will suggest some changes, which over time will help you to lose weight.  These changes are likely to involve what you eat and how active you are.

Don’t expect changes overnight. It doesn’t work like that. Just a small amount of weight loss every week or so adds up especially if you are still growing.

For most people losing weight isn’t about making temporary changes but about making life-long changes that will keep you looking healthy and fitter as you get older.

If you can’t get to see a dietitian immediately or your doctor won’t or can’t refer you, then try speaking to a practice nurse, school nurse or health visitor. 

Before you see a dietitian or health professional complete a food diary of what you are eating at the moment – remember to be honest with yourself.  Are there some changes you can make?  Use this as a basis for discussion with the dietitian or other health professional.

It might take a little time to set up a meeting so in the meantime get the low down on our advice on before you start and barriers to making changes.  

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