Foods High In Fats & Sugars

Chocolate muffin

Most of us enjoy eating these foods. You don’t need to give them up completely but you should only eat them in small amounts. Some of these foods, such as butter, spreads and mayonnaise, are typically eaten every day, so they should be used sparingly. Other foods, such as cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks, should not be eaten too often, and when they are choose small amounts.

Eating foods and drinks high in sugar on a regular basis can affect our teeth.  The bacteria that live in the sticky plaque on our teeth, love to consume the sugar that is left behind after eating a chocolate bar, toffee or handful of dried fruit. The acid they produce dissolves the enamel on the tooth’s surface and this causes tooth decay.

The best way to stop teeth from getting decay is to:

Brush teeth morning and night with a flouride toothpaste to help remove the sticky plaque.

Limit the number of times each day you have sugary foods, try sugar free squashes or sugar free gum instead.

When you do have sugary foods try to have them just after a meal as this way they do less damage to your teeth.


Be particularly careful if you have a permanent dental brace as your teeth will be particularly hard to brush and there are more places where plaque and sugar can settle on your teeth.  When your brace is removed what you want to see is a perfect smile, not rotten teeth!

Nutrients Provided

The main nutrients provided by this group of foods are:

  • fat
  • carbohydrate (sugar)
  • vitamins D and E

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