Food Groups

Healthy eating is all about balance.  There are no good or bad foods and you don’t have to give up certain foods to eat healthily or live on lettuce.  Why? Because all foods can be included in a healthy diet as long as the overall balance of foods is right. All foods provide energy and nutrients and it is maintaining the right balance of nutrients that is important for staying healthy.

The Food Groups - What Counts?

A piece of steak

Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Pulses & NutsThese foods are great for providing protein to help maintain ourbodies. But we don’t need to eat a lot of them to be healthy.

Bowl of cereals

Bread, Potatoes and Cereals Find out more about these energy-giving foods.   Why are wholegrain cereals better for you than those that have had the fibre removed?

Bunch of grapes

Fruit & Vegetables So often we are told to eat up our greens but why? Find out more about them.

Glass of milk

Milk & Dairy These foods are a good source of calcium.  Check out what else they contain.

Chocolate muffin

Foods High In Fats & Sugars Fats and sugars are an important part of the diet but foods high in these should be kept to a minimum. Find out why here.

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