Get Involved in Sport

Sport is a great way to keep active. Give your heart a workout and burn off some energy by trying some of these sports.

You’ll see some are more energetic than others. But all of these get you out of a chair and moving around.

Find out where you can do these sports in England.

Team Sports

Badminton, basketball, ice hockey, football, rugby, hockey, rowing, cricket, lacrosse, volleyball or netball.

Group & Individual Sports

Archery, judo, karate, jujitsu, tae kwon do, gymnastics, athletics, squash, tennis, table tennis, green bowling, ten pin bowling,  canoeing, sailing, swimming, running, gym sessions or climbing.

Things to do with the family, your mates or even on your own

Golf, ice skating, American pool, snooker, darts, swimming, roller blading, roller skating, wind surfing, water skiing, skiing, tennis, table tennis, skate boarding or paint balling.

Let us know how you keep active or tell us about any unusual sports you are involved with and we’ll share the best stories in our regular newsletter.

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