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There are so many benefits in being more active. But let’s face it sometimes it can be hard to get started. Most people advise about an hour of moderate activity everyday for teenagers and you’ll be surprised at how quickly this can become a normal part of your day.

We’ve divided this section into food advice for young people who are very active. You’ll find lots of advice on how to eat to help you perform even better. You might find this really helpful if you train and compete regularly.

In our Get Active section you’ll find loads of helpful tips for ways in which you can become more active. Don’t despair it needn’t be hard work!

If you’re looking for inspiration then try our get moving calculator. In just a few clicks you’ll find out just how much energy you could be burning through simple everyday activities and sports.

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Get Moving Calculator Want to burn up more energy?  Check out our amazing energy calculator for better ways to move more. 

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Get Active Get tips on how to be more active.

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Already Active Find out what you can do to improve your performance.


Glycaemic Index Find out what Gi is all about!


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